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Taking the Plunge - Snow Skiing Tips for the Beginner
By Yolande Korsten

Tip # 1- Get Some Lessons

You've made the decision to boldly venture where you've never gone before - balanced precariously on small slender pieces of wood & metal on a slippery surface that will get you all wet. Sounds simple and easy enough, but it takes a lot of courage to get out on that limb for other people to see just how green you really are. But even one lesson will build your confidence, lessen your fear and help you appreciate the grace and beauty of cross-country skiing.

It's essential to take a lesson early in your skiing career to help you get the basics such as balance, control and stopping under your belt on a flattish surface before you take on the slopes. You won't get all of it down pat in the first run - you'll slowly apply and perfect them as you continue - but being aware of them will help you gain confidence. Skiing is a confidence sport - the more confidence you have in your own ability, the better you'll be able to cope with what the slopes throw at you!

And you don't need to fork out the big bucks for private lessons either. Lessons in small groups help you learn from other's mistakes, not to mention building camaraderie with other newbies like yourself.

Most Ski Resorts offer beginners classes so be sure to check it out with your chosen ski resort and reserve your spot in the first class on offer on the day you arrive.

Whether you're a total novice having never ventured onto skis in your life before or been on the slopes a couple of times, regular lessons in your burgeoning skiing career will help you to improve your skills, correct any bad habits you might have picked up and set your skis on the path to total enjoyment and freedom.

Remember, speaking to experts and more advanced students is still the best way of getting all the practical info you need.

Yolande runs the site http://www.skiingtips.org/ which is a collection of skiing tips from the Beginner to the Expert Skiier.

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